Enrique Tallos vs. Nico Mattos

Total Running Time: 47:05
File Size: 570.3MB

Enrique Tallos                  5'5       132 lbs           18yo
Nico Mattos                     5'11"     156 lbs           18yo

Nico (blue speedos) and Enrique (black fighting shorts) are neighbors and when Nico heard that Enrique was wrestling for Movimus, Nico immediately challenged Enrique to a match. Nico was a HS basketball player, well built, muscled, strong legs. We thought that is could be a very one sided match in Nico's favor.

Once again we underestimated Enrique. This tough little guy has been working out (he runs 8 to 10 miles a day), practicing, learning more moves and holds and just getting tougher. Enrique proceeded to wear Nico out. Nico uses he lean, cut body to wrap up Enrique.  He especially likes the cradle but, true to form, Enrique escapes from everything. The long held head scissors by Nico has his muscles flexed and ripped, but Enrique just battles out of the hold. Finally, Enrique catches Nico in a tight choke hold from behind and it's all over.

But Nico learns real quick. After a long second match, somewhat dominated by Enrique (surprisingly), Nico uses a choke of his own that has Enrique gasping for air, choking, and taping out. This one is certainly not over. We are looking forward to the rematch between these two tough teens.

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