Caleb Fairchild vs. JC Slinger

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Cal Fairchild              5'9"             142 lbs            23yo
JC Slinger                 5'9"             158 lbs            21yo

New comer, JC (light blue speedos), challenged Cal Fairchild (navy blue speedos) for his first Movimus match. We warned JC that Cal was one of our toughest wrestlers, undefeated at this point. JC simply said "That's going to change". Although JC never wrestled on his school team (we don't understand why), he comes from a formidable amateur wrestling background. His father was a state finalist and champ when in HS in the late 60's and JC was raised to wrestle. He loves the sport, as you can see when you watch this match. His mouth and attitude sure does make him one of our most colorful wrestlers, not to mention his big blue eyes and blond hair.

Cal takes JC down and starts his usual control and manhandling, but that doesn't last very long against JC. Real tight headlocks are exchanged, both front and rear, Cal gets slammed to the mat many times, JC tries a vicious choke (at least 3 times), body scissors, full and half nelsons, incredible cradles, etc. are the "work of art" for a full 25 minute match of non stop action without a submission. It's a hot, humid, summer night in NYC. Even with the air conditioner at full blast, the mat is soaked with sweat. It gets hard to keep any hold on either wrestler.

When the match is called a draw, JC is pissed. Off camera he says to Cal "rematch in one month. OK?" Cal agrees and they shake hands. JC thought about this match for the whole day. He wanted a win in his first Movimus match ,but couldn't get it. He's determined, tough, young, and learning.

He wants Cody James. That will be tough.

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