Sal Piper vs. Kendo Javitt

Total Running Time: 29:42
File Size: 358.9MB

Sal Piper 6' 177 29yo
Kendo Javitt 6' 170 18yo

Sal (black speedos) challenged Kendo (blue speedos) asking him before the match "so you're the guy to beat?" Sal knows that he has to use all his skill to beat the younger wrestler, and he is totally prepared to do just that. Sal is tough. He's been wrestling for years, and often wrestles much bigger guys. He "plays" when he wrestles and always turns the match into a battle of words as well as muscle. He knows all the tricks, like how to "beg for mercy", play possum, psyche out his opponent, and even fight dirty when he has to, to win. He tries it all on Kendo.

But Kendo is no novice wrestler. He surely knows his stuff, and he's not about to lose a Movimus match. He takes a lot of crushing moves and holds, gets twisted over on his shoulders, survives a sleeper hold and fierce ankle lock, and just won't give up.

Sal, on the other hand, doesn't like pain. He is not used to being on the losing end of a match; therefore, he's not used to taking a lot of pain. Kendo uses his long, long legs to torture Sal, and Sal certainly doesn't like it. Sal promises that this match is not over. The challenge for the rematch has already been issued.

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