Enrique Tallos vs. Kedzie Moore

Total Running Time: 19:34
File Size: 234.7MB

Enrique Tallos             5'5"           127 lbs.       18yo
Kedzie Moore             5'10"          140 lbs       18yo

Kedzie (black speedos) didn't think Enrique (blue speedos) would be much of a match. These guys were class mates in High School, and Kedzie willingly accepted Enrique's challenge for a match. Kedzie did some wrestling around with his friends and thought he could easily handle Enrique. But Enrique is much tougher than he looks. He has been working on his wrestling skills since he first wrestled for Movimus and has improved to the point where he is ready to take on much bigger wrestlers.

Enrique takes charge in this match right off the bat. Kedzie is overwhelmed and frustrated as Enrique continues to batter him To his credit, Kedzie goes a full 20 minutes without a break, doing his best to reverse all of Enriques' moves. The struggle between these two lightweight athletes gets more and more intense as the match goes on. Finally, Enrique wraps Kenzie in an awesome head scissors that there is no way out of. Kenzie hangs on, struggling intensely for almost 4 minutes, before submitting. Enrique is bad-mouthing him the whole time.

Keep watching Movimus Wrestling for Enrique. You're going to see a lot more of this young, lightweight wrestler

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