Kendo Javitt vs. Torre Minnino

Total Running Time: 15:48
File Size: 188.4MB

Kendo Javitt 6' 165 18yo
Torre Minnino 5'10" 180 19yo

Here's a real challenge for Kendo (blue speedos). Torre (black bike shorts) is a tough kid. He's a fighter, raised on the streets of Chicago. He's hot a skilled wrestler, but he's strong and beefy.

Kendo is used to wrestling trained wrestlers, shorter than him and he has great technique with his legs. Torre is solid, aggressive and competitive. You can see how strong he really is when he just tosses Kendo around the Chicago Rec Room, when he just uses his arms to pull apart Kendo's tight scissors holds, when he uses his arms only and has Kendo grimacing in pain.

Kendo begins to get frustrated because he can't keep a good hold on this strong kid. Kendo knows he has the experience and technique advantage, but when he finds he can't use it very well against Torre, he gets frustrated. Torre doesn't know what to do to gain a submission. He tries everything he can, but Kendo squirms out and reverses. There is a real challenge here.

These two guys roll, struggle, strain and get pumped for over 25 minutes. They try some body shots, chokes, armbars, scissors, and just pure power to defeat each other. It's a really great match to watch and learn from. Lots of missed opportunities and frustration, but they continue until there is a definite winner.

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