Sal Piper vs. John Laracco

Total Running Time: 34:18
File Size: 405MB

Sal Piper 6' 173 29yo
Jon Laracco 5'8" 175 27yo

Sal (grey shorts, no tattoos) is a strong, aggressive bodybuilder with attitude enough for three wrestlers. Jon (grey shorts and 2 tattoos) is just a nice guy. Jon is not a trained wrestler, just an athlete who has done the usual amount of fooling around with friends in High School and College. What Jon doesn't realize is that he is a very tough guy, strong and aggressive. This match was wrestled in our "CHICAGO REC ROOM".

Sal is in great shape, you can tell by looking at him, especially his legs. He works out at least 5 times a week and is in excellent cardio-vascular shape. He too is not trained in wrestling, but has always been an athlete. He was totally confident and cocky that he could handle Jon.

He got a big surprise, and wasn't happy about it. Jon was all over him. This is the closest to an Squash Job that you will find. The body builder takes a beating. Jon has Sal in a body scissors every time there is an opening, and Sal just can't get out of it. When Sal tries a leg lock submission, Jon turns it around and clams the same on Sal. Just when it seems that Sal is going to get Jon on his back, Jon powers over and Sal is down again. Not only is Sal frustrated that there is nothing he can do to get control, he's pissed too.

At one of the breaks Sal tells us "I should be killing this guy". It's just the other way around. But it's really awesome to watch this tough body builder take such a beating. Jon has his way and, although he doesn't flaunt it, he says at the end "bring on the next sucker".

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