Kaa Nadian vs. Joey Vincent

Total Running Time: 34:10
File Size: 410.9MB

Kaa Nadian 6'1" 198 24yo
Joey Vincent 5"11" 195 31yo

Experienced Submission Wrestler vs. Bodybuilder. Kaa (Black Speedos) challenged Joey (orange shorts) to a very impromptu match in Chicago. The match took place in our ìCHICAGO REC ROOM". NHB was surprised that Joey would agree to the match on short notice and not being prepared, but he wasn't about to back down from the younger guy. Joey was confident that he could handle Kaa even though Kaa has more wrestling experience.

Joey is a ìfun" wrestler. He has a great time on the mat ñ you can tell by his perpetual smile, even when he is caught in a tight body scissors. You can see Joey get more and more pumped and ripped as Kaa uses every submission move and hold he can on the big guy ñ and Joey effectively escapes from them all. Joey's control is by getting his opponents head. A headlock from Joey can practically squeeze your head until it pops. Kaa keeps trying to get behind the big guy and use his very strong legs for control and a submission. As the match continues, Kaa begins to realize that he has got to try to tire out the big guy.

But Joey keeps getting on top and clamping on a fierce head lock. Kaa is in trouble more than one time with his head getting squeezed and Joey's 195 lbs. sitting on top of him. Kaa uses a front face lock and tries to turn Joey. Even when he succeeds, Joey is quick to turn it around and go again for the head lock.

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