Bobby Bigelow vs. Kaa Nadian

Total Running Time: 21:31
File Size: 256.5MB

Bobby Bigelow              5'11"         174 lbs        19yo
Kaa Nadian                   6'1"           198 lbs        24yo

Kaa (purple speedos) challenged Bobby (light green speedos). This match has been a long time in setting up and both wrestlers were totally ready for each other. Both have a fair amount of submission wrestling experience, both good athletes (Kaa's on a soccer scholarship), and both hate to lose. Both wrestlers have strong legs and know how to use them. They also know all the counters to leg scissors and head scissors so the challenge was to get the good submission hold on tight.

This match is twenty minutes of real submission wrestling without a submission. There are many tight holds then reversals. Each of these wrestlers pulls out all the stops to get the submission, each using every hold in their arsenal, but still no submission. How Kaa can take the incredible body scissors and head lock combination that Bobby put on him is by pure determination not to lose. ìI can take a draw" says Kaa, ì but not a loss". How Bobby powers out of the awesome leg lock by Kaa is amazing. His raw power was his only weapon. The headlocks are everywhere, along with the strong legs. But the right combination for a submission just never happened.

Bobby is already asking for a rematch. This is a Chicago hotel match. I guess we are going to have to get Kaa to NYC for the rematch with Bobby.

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