Simon Jackson vs. Marlon Clemons

Total Running Time: 21:50
File Size: SD 290.9MB/ HD 1.28GB

Simon Jackson 5'11" 167 18yo
Marlon Clemons 6'1" 177 18yo

These two teens were co-captains of their HS wrestling teams. Having just graduated, they were both ready to test each other in a submission match. Lots of competition between these two tough teens. Marlon (red speedos) is a little bigger and lot more cut than Simon (purple speedos). But Simon has speed and agility on his side. Both are in excellent shape and we was prepared to have a "long brawl" between these two "kids".

There is only one submission in this match that takes place after more than twenty-four minutes of wrestling. No breaks, no stops.  They are in the "Rec Room" and neither was about to go home the loser. Lots of collegiate wrestling here as each tries to get more comfortable with the submission style.  It's really great to see one of these tough teens in a "safe" collegiate position, then be taken down in a submission lock. It's excellent to see the struggle, the power, moves and holds, until finally there is a winner, and there definitely is just "one" winner.

You can expect to see a lot more of these two teens on Movimus wrestling.

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