Axel vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 21:04
File Size: SD 250.2MB/ HD 1.1GB

Axel                                      6’1”         168 lbs              22yo
Brandon Aldrich                   6’             195 lbs              23yo

Check out Brandon (Black speedos). He’s put on about 25 lbs of muscle since his last match for Movimus. Looking really excellent, he challenged Axel (Blue speedos). Brandon has no where near the experience of Axel, but with that extra muscle and size, he thought he would be able to give Axel a good match. He was there to watch Axel take on Carlos Silva and he has been working out real hard in order to give Axel a good match.

Twice during this match, these two guys almost started swinging at each other (maybe we should have let them). Brandon has been working out a lot (wrestling) with another Movimus Wrestler just to perfect some moves and holds, and it shows. Axel had much more of a match than he ever expected. Brandon was able to use his power a number of times to turn Axel onto his back and make it real difficult for Axel to escape and keep from submitting.

Axel uses his incredible “leg lock” to get the first submission, but Brandon comes back even tougher. “I was really pumped” for this one, he told us after the match. He takes the second fall and Axel is pissed. The third fall is all out war. Neither one of these wrestlers will give an inch to the other. They use all their skill to get the submission and to escape different locks. Lots of great wrestling, excellent scissors, upper body locks, bear hugs, it’s all here.

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