Sean McSwiggin vs. Erwan Camas

Total Running Time: 23:41
File Size: SD 281.1MB/ HD 1.33GB

Sean McSwiggin 5'10" 161 27yo
Erwan Camas 5'9" 165 35yo

Erwan (red speedos) is a wrestler from France visiting New York City and asked for a match with Sean (blue speedos). Sean was quick to agree to the match. He's been working out a lot at NYAC and even has a personal trainer who was a college wrestler and so he's trying to improve his skills. Erwan has a lot of wrestling experience, mostly in Europe and Western Asia ù he even participated one year in the "Turkish Leather Wrestling". Powerful and skilled, Erwan came to NHB ready to beat some US wrestlers

Sean wanted to get multiple submissions from Erwan, just to prove to the Movimus fans that he is a formidable wrestler. But Erwan wasn't about to leave NYC a loser. You can see the anger of Sean after Erwan earns the first fall. But Sean comes back with a vicious head scissors and just won't let Erwan slide out. The match gets more intense and tough in the third fall. Head locks for control, body scissors that squeeze the air out of the lungs, and many tight locks just won't make either of them give up. Finally, there is a winner, but, after this match, it's hard to call the other guy a loser.

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