Sean McSwiggin vs. Chance Matthews

Total Running Time: 22:13
File Size: SD 267.8MB/ HD 1.23GB

Sean McSwiggin              5'10"            161 lbs              27yo
Chance Matthews           5'8"               157 lbs              32yo

Chance (silver speedos) challenged Sean (black speedos) after seeing him on Wanna Wrestle 10. Chance is a "gym-addict" and has been since he was in High School. When he first met Movimus, he challenged a HS wrestling coach, 40 pounds heavier, to a submission match, and a great match it was. Chance is a tough, rough, strong, and an aggressive competitor.

Sean was not happy with his loss to Patrick Donovan and was determined to look a whole lot better in this match, his second for Movimus. When he loses the first match, you can easily tell he is super pissed at himself ù just listen to him. These guys wrestle six matches with six very obvious submissions ù three each. When Sean loses the fifth match, he immediately challenges Chance to another which he is totally determined to win.

You can see Sean's power in all the holds he gets Chance into. Chance, even though he is very muscular, is being squeezed and punished. You can see it on his face. Chance throws Sean around many times by just using shear power. When he flexes, he gains control. When he puts the pressure on, Sean submits. It's an awesome match.

Just seeing these two power houses fight it out shows the real competition of man-to-man combat. There is nothing boyish or fun about this match. This is real and both these guys want to win. Judge for yourself.

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