Patrick Donovan vs. Sean McSwiggin

Total Running Time: 21:16
File Size: SD 255.7MB/ HD 1.18GB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 164 29yo
Sean McSwiggin 5'10" 161 27yo

Patrick (purple speedos) is challenged by the super-fit red head Sean (green speedos). Sean is a personal trainer in excellent condition without a lot of wrestling experience. He met Patrick at a gym in NYC and the match was on. Sean felt very confident that his superb conditioning would make up for his lack of wrestling experience. He told us before the match that was pretty sure that he would be able to power out of any hold Patrick got him into.


Patrick is a master of the head lock ù Sean wasn't ready for that. Patrick got a submission relatively quickly in the first two matches by clamping on an awesome headlock and just rolling Sean over so he couldn't work an escape. (Patrick has been doing a lot of shoulder and upper arm work ù see for yourself!)

Finally, Sean learns how to stay out of Patrick's headlock, but even when he able to power out of other holds, he is not successful in getting Patrick into a submission hold of his own. It turns out to be a test of endurance. Patrick uses head scissors, body scissors, and arm bars just to test the "trainer". Sean sure is strong and uses that strength to escape. Eventually, Patrick draws from his lethal arsenal of wrestling skills and gets a final submission from Sean.

Sean promises that this fight is not over - We'll see

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