Bryce Jacobs vs. Jason Cross

Total Running Time: 21:32
File Size: SD 257.5MB/ HD 1.19GB

Bryce Jacobs 6'2" 151 20yo
Jason Cross 6' 153 22yo

Here is the tall, lanky, wiry match that many of you have asked for. Both these young wrestlers are wrestling for Movimus for the first time, but neither are new to wrestling. Bryce (navy blue with orange and yellow striped speedos), has been asking Movimus for a match for about 6 months. Finally we met Jason (blue speedos). It looked like the perfect match up, and we were right. These two guys, not trained in wrestling but both being battered around by older brothers were psyched to take each other on.

At first they were like two young kids, afraid to hurt each other and just throwing each other around with no decisive holds or moves. We stopped the match and showed both these guys how to win. So they watched two other Movimus wrestlers for about 5 minutes then went at each other again. They both got more aggressive, tough, and neither would give up. The holds are long and brutal. They both use their long arms and legs to gain and maintain control. There are two submissions in this match, both take about 4 minutes of punishment before the "I GIVE".

Jason is already checking out the other Movimus wrestlers to see who he wants to take on next. Bryce wants a major rematch with Jason. We'll see ! !

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