Mike Adams vs. Greg Conlon

Total Running Time: 20:41
File Size: 247.7MB

            Mike Adams      6’1”       215       21yo
            Greg Conlon     5’11”     190       24yo

            SHOOT FIGHTER vs. WRESTLER!! Greg (blue speedos) is a pretty cocky guy (no pun intended). He wasn’t satisfied with his challenge to Vinny Reno, he also wanted to take on Mike Adams (purple speedos). Mike is bigger and tougher than he was a year ago, and Mike’s cocky attitude doesn’t win him any friends; he recently got arrested at Grand Central Station for pushing a cop. Twice during this match, we had to stop the match because they were throwing each other off the mat. Not too much wrestling here, but one hell of a fight.

            Greg had just fought a UFC fight – 2 days before this match with Mike. He had been hit a couple of times pretty hard, although he won the fight in less than 5 minutes, and he was afraid he had a concussion. But that didn’t stop him. We warned Mike that this UFC style was going to totally frustrate him, and we couldn’t have been more correct. This match is a brawl. There is no decisive winner; you’ll have to judge that for yourself.

            These big guys tried everything. The frustrated Mike Adams tried every wrestling move he could, but Greg had a counter for them all. Unfortunately, Greg wasn’t able to overpower Mike at all, so Mike powered out of every arm bar and wrist lock, figure four and full nelson. But what a fight! Mike strains with all he’s got just not to submit. “He never had me even close to giving up”, said Mike after the match. That’s BULL!

            If you like a fight, you’ll love this match-up !

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