Vinny Reno vs. Greg Conlon

Total Running Time: 21:49
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            Vinny Reno       6’          195       29yo
            Greg Conlon     5’11”     190       24yo


            SHOOT FIGHTER vs. WRESTLER! !   Greg (black bike shorts) is a trained UFC fighter in Shoot Fighting. He competes, works out, and practices regularly. Having seen Vinny (black speedos with grey stripe) in other Movimus matches, he told us he wanted to challenge Vinny. Vinny never turns down a challenge, in fact, he thought this would be a good practice match before his rematch with Mike Adams.

            Greg is one tough guy. For the longest time he just played with Vinny. What great shape Greg is in. He hardly broke a sweat, and the only heavy breathing you hear is from Vinny. As always, Vinny is as tough a wrestler as any other, extremely strong, with a wide knowledge of all submission wrestling’s moves and holds. After all, he took a wrestling medal in Amsterdam last summer. He is not about to lose a match without a real tough struggle. These two guys really go at it.

            Greg shows his training. He is on his back throughout the first 15 minutes, but never gives up a vantage position. He counters, moves, and fights like a true pro. Vinny does his best to use the combination of holds the he is so good at, but Greg counters everything. It seemed like Greg was just laying back, waiting for Vinny’s big mistake. But that doesn’t happen. Vinny is much too knowledgeable to make a mistake on the mat.

            Greg decides to turn on the pressure, using many different submission holds. One figure four head scissors had Vinny reaching way inside for some extra energy, but he escaped. The more Greg puts the pressure on Vinny, the tougher Vinny gets, at times totally reversing Greg and having him on the verge of tapping out.

            This is a one fall match, over 0 minutes without a stop or a submission until the very end. You’re going to be surprised at the outcome. Somehow, we don’t think this feud is over !

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