Vinny Reno vs. Greg Conlon

Total Running Time: 21:49
File Size: SD 260.1MB/ 4K 4.78GB

            Vinny Reno       6’          195       29yo
            Greg Conlon     5’11”     190       24yo

 In a thrilling showdown that blurs the lines between disciplines, Greg, a seasoned UFC fighter known for his prowess in Shoot Fighting, steps into the Movimus Wrestling ring in his black bike shorts, ready to take on the formidable Vinny, clad in black speedos with a grey stripe. This match wasn't just a contest; it was a testament to the skills and determination of two top-tier athletes from different worlds.

Greg, with his extensive training and competitive background, appeared to dominate the early stages, maintaining control and composure with seemingly minimal effort. However, Vinny, a wrestler of exceptional strength and a deep well of submission wrestling knowledge, proved why he's considered one of the toughest competitors on the Movimus roster. His impressive track record, including a wrestling medal from Amsterdam, underscored his unwillingness to yield easily.

For over 15 minutes, the match was a masterclass in tactical warfare, with Greg employing a variety of submission holds, attempting to outmaneuver the experienced Vinny. Despite being pushed to his limits, Vinny's resilience and strategic acumen shone through, avoiding any critical mistakes and even putting Greg in precarious situations.

The match concluded with a single fall, leaving the audience in suspense until the very end. The outcome, surprising to many, suggests that this rivalry is far from settled. This encounter between Greg and Vinny is a highlight of Movimus Wrestling, showcasing the incredible athleticism, strategy, and heart of both shoot fighting and wrestling.

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