Swage vs. Kyle Bradford: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 16:18
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Swage                          5’9”       165       24yo
Kyle Bradford               5’8”       157       25yo

            THE REMATCH! Swage has been working out for this match since he heard that Kyle was coming to NYC. As you all know from his “attitude”, Swage doesn’t like to lose, so he has a score to settle from his last match against Kyle. Swage even asked us to give him some pointers on how to better use his legs for more effective submission holds. (It’s always fun to workout with Swage.) So the match was set, the competition intense, and the attitudes immense on both wrestlers.

            This is a real brawl – truly “NO HOLDS BARRED”. The body and gut punching is out done only by the grabbing, pulling , and squeezing of each others Privates !   This match hurts just to watch. These good wrestlers are not friends, and probably never will be after this match. When one of them loses the first fall, he is just more pissed and ready to fight harder – and does. But the harder and tougher one gets, the meaner and nastier the other gets. You can easily see the anger and frustration on the loser. Neither wants to quit, both just want to beat each other until one can’t continue.

            There is practically no wrestling hold not used in this match. That and all the “dirty” fighting, punching, grabbing, and squeezing makes for a match you wont’ want to miss. New wrestlers will earn a lot with this one. Experienced wrestlers will feel the hurt and pain along with these two excellent athletes

            You won’t want to miss the outcome either.

Wrestlers: Kyle Bradford, Origins, Swage

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