Erick Richards vs. Frank Savage

Total Running Time: 25:50
File Size: 310.4MB

            Erick Richards               5’7”`      133       36yo
            Frank Savage                 5’4”       125       30yo

            Frank (purple speedos) was visiting NYC from Virginia. He had been asking Movimus for a match with Erick Richards (blue striped speedos) since Erick’s first match was released. (We met Frank at Hillside last summer.) Frank is into all kinds of wrestling and martial arts schools in Virginia and Washington DC. He came prepared to give Erick a good working over. They started out with a lot of verbal abuse. Erick didn’t like being called an old man. Both men are tough and can take a lot, and did. Neither would give up.

            Erick tried his awesome head scissors, for a long time too, but Frank just smiled and wrestled out. At one point we thought we would have to stop the match cause Erick was in a sleeper hold for a very long time. But he wrestled out, just to get caught in a choke hold. You can see the strain as Erick refuses to submit. The more he struggles, the tighter Frank applies the choke. This is a real tough one. Erick finally has just had enough. There is a lot of give and take action in the first match that lasted a full 17 minutes without a submission. These guys are in excellent shape, both great wrestlers with super stamina. It took a 5 minute choke hold to finally make Erick submit and they both couldn’t wait to go at it again

            The second match, although, shorter, is quite decisive. Actually, it all ended in a draw (0ne match each) with a promise and commitment for a rematch. Really great wrestling in this one. Excellent moves and holds from two experienced wrestlers.

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