Jace Davis vs. Scott Oliver

Total Running Time: 19:27
File Size: 230.2MB

Jace Davis 5'8" 141 27yo
Scott Oliver 5'8" 154 24yo

Scott (red speedos) wrote to Movimus and requested a match against Jace Davis (gray striped speedos). Scott is a bit bigger with some wrestling experience and he was convinced that he could handle Jace. We were convinced to set this match up - and it was no mistake. Scott was easily intimidated by Jace - after all, Jace has only lost two Movimus matches and Scott had all his tapes. Scott told Movimus that he was practicing his scissors and figure-four on his roommate just to get ready for Jace.

But he was intimidated and Jace took advantage of that intimidation. Give credit to Scott though, he wrestled long and hard. His totally smooth body (and boyish looks) is a real turn on as he gets pushed, stretched, and squeezed all over the mat. He moans, groans, submits, tries to talk - but can't, and even begs as Jace uses his strong legs on him.

Jace thinks he is ready for some tougher opponents, maybe bigger too. We'll see. He just seems to be getting better and better with each match.

Hot match between two smooth, awesome tough guys.

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