Mike Adams vs. Jeff Felso

Total Running Time: 21:11
File Size: SD 254.1MB/ 4K 4.62GB

Mike Adams                 6'1"               210 lbs               19yo
Jeff Felso                     6'2"               204 lbs               19yo

Jeff (blue speedos), a formidable competitor from New York with a background in high school and collegiate wrestling, steps into the ring in navy blue speedos. Faced with the challenge of adapting to submission wrestling, Jeff goes head-to-head with Mike, a seasoned submission wrestler known for his indomitable spirit and incredible strength, clad in black speedos.

Despite being forewarned about Mike’s unmatched prowess and his attitude of never yielding even under the most intense pressure, Jeff’s competitive nature wouldn’t let him back down. The match, however, unfolds as a testament to Mike’s superior skills and strength, with Jeff finding himself outmatched from the start.

Mike’s dominance in the match is undeniable, showcasing his powerful upper body and impressive technique, leading to four decisive submissions. Despite Jeff's size, strength, and wrestling ability, he finds himself overwhelmed by Mike’s relentless attacks and strategic maneuvers, resulting in a series of compelling visuals and intense moments captured on the mat.

This clash is more than just a match; it’s a visual spectacle highlighting the raw emotion, physicality, and the sheer will to dominate. Fans of intense wrestling action will find this bout unforgettable as Mike asserts his dominance, leaving an indelible mark on both the audience and his opponent.

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