Paul Ritacco vs. Alex Stamos: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:46
File Size: SD 279.9MB/ HD 1.32GB

THE REMATCH! This match took place on the day after their first match. Paul (green/black speedo) is ready for Alex (red speedos). Alex is a skilled wrestler, but had never wrestled a submission match before his first bout against Paul. Paul was not happy that he didn't just destroy Alex in their first encounter. Paul knows that his legs are really strong and he knows how to use them. He figures that all he has to do is scissor Alex and the match is his.

Alex has other ideas. He's been wrestling with his older brother. He learned how to use the body and head scissors. He found out that he too can make a guy tap out using the scissors. Both wrestlers and ready and want to win. The wrestling is great. Both guys are strong, fast and know exactly what to go for. They are very evenly matched. They both try arm bars, they both miss. They both use head locks for control and work for the leg holds.

The scissors holds are great. Both have strong legs and want to win using a scissor, and neither is willing to tap out from the scissors. That makes for some great wrestling. Paul can't believe how well Alex uses his legs. He's totally intimidated by the power of Alex's legs. They wrestle fast and rough. There is no laying back in this match.

Again, there is a definite winner - surprisingly. And again, the re match is already set up. We have a feeling that this is going to be a long, well fought, feud. Look for both these wrestlers again.

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