Jax Holland vs. Dean Bly

Total Running Time: 28:20
File Size: SD 342.8MB/ HD 2.19GB


Jax Holland                6'1"            204 lbs             21yo
Dean Bly                    6'1"            179 lbs             18yo

This is one tough teenager. Dean (green/black speedos) is built, strong and a good wrestler. But Jax (red speedos) has 25 pounds on him, experience, is three years older, and huge. When Dean saw Jax outside the studio in NYC, he said " damn - I'm gonna get killed". But Dean is tough , quick and skilled. He has no where near the power of Jax, but he's determined to bring the "big Texan down".

Jax immediately shows Dean his power by just pushing him around. Jax is on his back and Dean just can't get anything on him. Jax catches Dean in a head scissors early on and has Dean squirming to get out. After about 12 minutes, Dean wraps his powerful legs around Jax' body, grabs his head and puts the pressure on. Jax uses all his power to break the hold but eventually taps out. In the typical Jax Holland tradition, he's pissed.

The intensity level increases. The wrestling gets rougher and faster. There are two more submissions in this match. It's incredible. These two guys just won't let up. They get right up after the submission and start again. They both want the win bad. This is some really great wrestling. The Movimus wrestlers are going to be lining up to wrestle Dean !

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