Brian Hollister vs. Drew Dawkins

Total Running Time: 18:18
File Size: SD 226.1MB/ HD 1.42GB

Drew Dawkins            6'               227 lbs             18yo
Brian Hollister             6'              219 lbs              21yo

After a year-long hiatus, Brian Hollister makes a monumental return to Movimus Wrestling, not just as a familiar face but as a transformed powerhouse. Sporting green speedos and carrying an additional 30 pounds of solid muscle, Brian has evolved from one of Movimus Wrestling's strongest competitors to seemingly unstoppable force. His comeback match against Drew, a highly talented 18-year-old high school heavyweight wrestler in blue speedos, was nothing short of spectacular.

From the very beginning, Brian set the tone of the match with a powerful headlock flip/slam, demonstrating his dominance by securing a vicious headlock within the first 10 seconds. However, Drew, undeterred by Brian's imposing presence, showcased his resilience and wrestling prowess by wrestling out of Brian's grip and reversing the move, proving that he was more than ready for the challenge.

As the match progressed, both wrestlers exhibited incredible strength, particularly highlighted by their massive thighs, indicating their power and capability to execute complex moves and holds. Brian, growing more energized with each passing minute, frequently employed his favored side headlock, while Drew continually managed to break free, keeping the match intensely competitive.

After fifteen minutes of relentless brawling, both athletes reached total exhaustion, pushing each other to their limits in a display of sheer determination and skill. While a winner was eventually declared, the conclusion of the match left fans eagerly anticipating more, signaling that this rivalry was far from over.

This match not only marked Brian Hollister's impressive return to the Movimus Wrestling scene but also showcased the emergence of Drew as a formidable force to be reckoned with. Their encounter represents the essence of Movimus Wrestling: intense competition, remarkable athleticism, and the unyielding spirit of its wrestlers.

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