Brian Hollister vs. Drew Dawkins

Total Running Time: 18:18
File Size: SD 226.1MB/ HD 1.42GB

Drew Dawkins            6'               227 lbs             18yo
Brian Hollister             6'              219 lbs              21yo

Take a look at Brian Hollister (green speedos). After more than a year away from Movimus Wrestling, he returns with 30 more pounds of solid muscle. He was always one of the strongest Movimus wrestlers, now he's unstoppable. Drew (blue speedos) is an 18 year old HS heavyweight wrestler. He's more than ready to take on Brian. But Brian slows the big teen down right from the outset with a powerful headlock flip/slam to the mat. Bryan is on top in 10 seconds applying his vicious headlock. But watch the tough teen wrestle out and reverse Brian. Drew shows his stuff.

These two big guys are really strong. Check out their huge thighs. Brian gets more and more pumped as the match goes on and he just loves that side head lock. Drew finds himself breaking the head lock over and over again. These guys brawl for twenty minutes to total exhaustion. These big guys show they can really move and know plenty of moves and holds.

Inevitably there is a definite winner, but this match is no where near over.

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