Max Anderson vs. TJ

Total Running Time: 21:58
File Size: SD 269.4MB/ HD 1.28 GB

Max Anderson 5'11" 195 22yo
TJ 5'10" 193 32yo

TJ (blue speedos) contacted Movimus specifically for a match against Max Anderson (red speedos). We met TJ about two weeks before this match up and were very impressed with this man's wrestling skill. He belongs to a wrestling club in Trenton, NJ and works out no less than three times a week in submission wrestling. He's a "big boy" and knows his wrestling. We really thought that Max met his match. Having ten years more maturity and experience could very well mean a very one-sided match, not in Max's favor.

But again, Max was not intimidated at all. In fact, he's getting pretty cocky. When we told Max that TJ was a tough, skilled wrestler with a lot of experience, Max laughed. So they met at the Movimus studios in NYC and the match was on.

These two powerful men go at it until there could be no doubt which one is the better man. It's a tough, grueling exchange of very skilled and tough moves and holds. This is a real wrestlers delight - you'll see it all. Both men have great stamina, and it is pushed to the limit for both of them. There are just two tap outs - and they are one sided, but you'll have to see this incredible wrestling match for yourself to find out the champ. Max finally gets to take on a "real man" in TJ, not just another "boy". All you Max Anderson fans have got to see the "pretty boy" put to the test.

Wrestlers: Max Anderson, Origins, TJ

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