Joey Jade vs. Denny Webb

Total Running Time: 18:51
File Size: 255.5MB

Joey Jade                      5'7"           170 lbs                28yo
Denny Webb                 6'             173 lbs                19yo

Denny (red speedos) told Joey (purple speedos) - also a professionally wrestler on the circuit in Maine - about submission wrestling for Movimus. Joey couldn't wait for a match, and he wanted his first match to be against Denny. Joey had no idea what he was in for. Take a good look at how muscular and built Joey is. He's been wrestling for years, and this is his first submission match. He is as strong as he can be , and you can see that. He tosses Denny and locks him up, but Denny is getting better and better all the time. Denny switches from a tight head scissors to a cross-body ride keeping Joey on the mat. Joey tries head locking and turning Denny, but can't do it. Then he just lies on his back with Denny's head totally wrapped in his muscular arms and squeezes. It's lights out for Denny.

But It's not over by a long shot. Denny starts showing off, at one point holding Joey in a head lock, looking in the mirror and fixing his hair. Denny grows in confidence during this match - and cockiness. Denny evens the score and then some. Denny is really improving his submission skills. He is becoming a most formidable opponent. Maybe Max Anderson better watch out when that rematch against Denny Webb rolls around.

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