Barrett Storm vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time:20:40
File Size: SD 253.1MB/ HD 1.22GB

Barrett Storm 6'3" 197 23yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 192 21yo

Brian Hollister and Jax Holland told their football teammate to wrestle Max Anderson (black & red speedos ). Barrett (green speedos ) is a tough boy, in great shape, very strong. He came to NYC with a determination to beat Max. He felt confident that he could use his long , strong legs to get Max to tap out. Barrett said that he knew if he controlled Max' head he would be able to get him to give up. Well, that is exactly what he did.

In the first three minutes of the match, Barrett took Max to the mat and went to work on his head. He twisted , squeezed and just mauled Max' head and neck until Max tapped out. "I wasn't ready for that" was all Max had to say. But you could tell that Max was going to much more prepared and aggressive to handle the big football player. Max came back tough and totally dominated and controlled the next ten minutes until Barrett gave up in total exhaustion.

Barrett then uses his long, strong legs to catch Max in a head scissors and double chin lock - an awesome hold. It took a while for Barrett to get it just right, but when he did Max was finished - no way out and he knew it. The match goes on for two more falls - incredibly. Max is at his best, his heaviest and his toughest. He is getting ready for competitive bodybuilding.

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