Denny Webb vs. Adam Reis

Total Running Time: 22:25
File Size: HD 1.3 GB/ 4K 5.09GB

Denny Webb         5'10"       171 lbs       19yo
Adam Reis            5'9"         151 lbs       18yo

Adam (black speedos) says he really likes to wrestle bigger guys, so we thought of Denny (blue speedos) right away. Denny has been working out a lot, as you can tell from his most recent pictures. He's put on at least 7 lbs of muscle and he's been wrestling submission a lot. He tosses Adam around pretty easily, and Adam loves every minute of it. These two teens are so evenly matched that this match goes more than twenty-five minutes with just one tap-out - at the very end.

The speed is incredible. Both wrestlers wrested in HS and both placed in their respective state finals. Both know take downs and throws and they use them relentlessly on each other. Denny traps Adam in some wicked head locks that have Adam using all his incredible strength to escape. Adam gets on top and keeps Denny pinned down a few times, making Denny use all his stamina to turn the tough 18 year old. This is one match you will watch over and over again. You wrestlers will learn many moves and holds from these two tough teens.

Denny complained after the match that Adam just gets stronger and stronger as he wrestles. He never weakened at all, and his holds were just tougher to get out of. Look for much, much more of these two teen wrestlers on Movimus Wrestling.

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