The Young Brothers: Ben Young vs. Tim Young

Total Running Time: 34:27
File Size: 416.5MB

Ben Young     5'9" 173 22yo
Tim Young  5'9" 166 20yo

Tim (purple speedos - ear-ring) watched his older brother wrestle a match. He was really impressed with the action and told Movimus in South Africa that he too wanted to do a match. Never did we think that his first match would be against Ben (Blue speedos).

These two guys literally almost got into a fight on the morning of the match. It was Tim's suggestion that they both come to Movimus for a real match. "I might as well make some money for kicking your ass" Tim told his older brother. This is great. These two guys are the same size with massive attitude. Ben is more muscular, but Tim is more scrappy. He will fight and do whatever it takes to beat his "older bro" badly.

Tim suffer in Ben's head lock at the beginning of almost every takedown. You can see Tim is getting very frustrated trying to break out of Ben's huge arms. We were shocked to see Tim use a vicious head scissors. Ben is really in trouble and can't wrestle out of the head scissors. He has to tap. Just when you think Ben is pouncing on Tim, the younger kid comes back strong. This is give and take the whole way - super moves and holds. Both wrestlers use all they have not to tap out.

We're not sure it will happen, but we'd love to get a rematch between these two brothers. Guess we'll have to wait till the next fight!

Wrestlers: Ben Young, Origins, Tim Young

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