Jax Holland vs. Brian Hollister: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 26:34
File Size: 321.1MB

Jax Holland 6’ 192 19yo
Bryan Hollister 6’ 196 19yo

The Rematch! This is the battle of the GREEK GODS. These two bodies and muscled, smooth, extremely strong and capable of being in a real battle for a very long time. After his match with Max Anderson, Brian (yellow speedos)wanted a rematch with Jax (blue speedos). Jax is always ready. He will wrestle anyone at anytime. He told us to find a bodybuilder close to 300 pounds for him to take on. Know anyone?

Lots of caution in this match. Both wrestlers know that each has the power to make the other tap out. Both are afraid of the strength of the other. They are good friends and know only too well the ability of the other. Jax watched Brian put 190 pounds of muscle in a vicious head lock on Max Anderson and Jax knew he wanted to stay away from that. Brian knows how useless it is to try to break Jax’s leg scissors, so he knew he had to stay out of those incredible legs. Jax literally gets thrown across the mat at least twice. That just gets him angry. At one point he is so mad that he charges at Brian on his knees and attempts to bring him down and finish him off. Brian really shows how strong he is by matching the speed and strength of Max and not even letting him get the hold on.

These two wrestlers are ripped, cut, and muscled like gods. Either one can beat the other on any given day. Watching these developed physiques is never dull. They are both working on wrestling skills, moves and holds and you can expect to see a lot more of both of them on Movimus Wrestling.

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