Matt Reid vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 22:26
File Size: 268.8MB

Matt Reid 6’ 208 25yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 183 21yo

Matt (blue speedos) watched Max (orange speedos) handle Demetri Yano and instantly told us “BRING HIM ON”. Matt is an intense wrestler. He is a member of a weekly wrestling club in DC and wrestles submission matches as often as he can. He has huge, powerful thighs and uses them very well. He also outweighs Max by a considerable margin. Honestly, Max was a little intimidated when he saw Matt. The first time these wrestlers met was five minutes before this match began.

The initial lock-up on their feet lasts well over a minute, which seems like an hour. They are pushing, testing and challenging each other. When Matt pushes Max to the end of the mat, Max struggles but pushes Matt back to the center. Max eventually gets a clear takedown and gets behind Matt. Even with his incredible strength, Max can’t get a good hold on the big guy. Finally, Matt reverses and gets behind Max, almost immediately throws in a full body scissors from behind and figures its all over for the young, blond muscleboy. But Max knows that awesome cross-ankle leg lock. He easily gets it on Matt and has him howling in pain. Matt struggles, rolls Max to his stomach, tries working on his head and neck, but it’s useless. His legs just hurt too much and he eventually taps.

Matt doesn’t take to losing at all, especially to a smaller opponent. But Max is on his “game” and he just doesn’t let up. Matt tries everything he can but Max is totally at his best. This is some awesome match. Once these guys hit the mat, they don’t get back to their feet until there is a tap. Max proves beyond any doubt that he can handle the best. He takes some powerful locks in this match and escapes them all. He reverses everything and gets Matt on the defensive.

You want to see Max Anderson at his very best -- HERE HE IS ! But be assured – Matt Reid is not done with him. !

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