Michael Salerno vs. Matt DiNapoli

Total Running Time: 21:01
File Size: 256MB

Michael Salerno 5'7" 133 32yo
Matt DiNapoli 5'8" 144 22yo

Michael (blue speedos), visiting NYC from Florida, asked Movimus for a match against Matt (Green speedos) after seeing him wrestle Greg Ramsey. Michael has a lot of wrestling experience and thought he could handle the young, tough-guy - Matt. What Michael didn't know was that since his loss to Greg, Matt has been working out at the Movimus studio and wrestling guys over 200 pounds, older, with a great deal of wrestling experience. Matt likes a really tough challenge. He wants to someday be able to wrestle guys much bigger than himself and get them to tap-out.

This turns out to be a total squash job. Michael simply can't even come close to handling Matt. Matt gets two easy submissions right off the bat, then he plays around with Michael for the next fall. Michael is wrestling as hard as he can, trying to break moves and holds, working to get on top of Matt or to get any kind of a submission move on the young kid. Matt is just going along for the ride. He has Michael so wrapped up at times, that Michael can do nothing but lie there and take the punishment - or tap out. Michael is not a quitter, so it is awesome to see him struggle and just get pounced on.

Matt is working to be one of the best at Movimus. He's putting on pounds of muscle and wrestling some of the really tough guys. Look for him to take on some very tough challengers in the future.

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