Kerry Bond vs. Enrique Tallos

Total Running Time: 26:39
File Size: 325.8MB

Kerry Bond            5'7"               157 lbs        19yo
Enrique Tallos       5'6"               139 lbs        18yo

Enrique (sliver speedos) has been challenging Kerry (green speedos) ever since Kerry wrestled Bobby Baker. Enrique really wanted this muscle boy. Kerry is short, but huge. Just look at his legs. He benches 230 as a workout and does 750 with his legs. We thought there was no way Enrique could handle the muscle boy. Well, Enrique took a pretty good pounding, but he got one or two good submission out of Kerry. Enrique is an avid runner with super powerful legs - so, if Kerry made the mistake of letting Enrique get behind him and squeeze him in a scissors, he was in trouble. Kerry thought that he would be able to power out of anything that Enrique got him into. Kerry soon found out that that was not the case. Enrique is much too strong and determined for that.


So it was 100 times more even that we ever expected it to be. There is not holding back Enrique - he is out to win at all cost, as he always is, and a couple times he proved just too much for Kerry to handle. Kerry sure manages to get Enrique in some awesome moves and pours on the pressure, but Enrique ,as always, doesn't tap unless he really has no other option. Kerry is not used to that.

Enrique got off the mat ( and it was a 3-2 decision in favor of Kerry) already challenging for a re-match. You can bet that Enrique will put on some bulk and a lot of practice time on the mat so he can eventually beat the MUSCLE BOY !

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