Kerry Bond vs. Bobby Baker

Total Running Time: 13:30
File Size:165.9MB

Kerry Bond               5'7"          159 lbs           19yo
Bobby Baker            5'11"         166 lbs           19yo

These guys are not friends. They attended the same High School and were both very competitive. Kerry (Purple speedos) is a real submission wrestler. Very strong, powerful legs are his winning tool. Bobby (green speedos) was a varsity HS wrestler. He is tough, a real brawler and loves to win. This is a vicious brawl between these two muscled teen, competitive wrestlers.

First match, Kerry goes right for the choke and locks it on Bobby's neck real tight. The struggle is intense as Bobby does everything he possibly can not to tap. But Kerry is just too strong. At one point Bobby picks the taller wrestler right off the ground by cranking on his neck and almost strangling him. Back on the mat, Bobby is forced to tap.

The Second match is incredible. No way is Bobby getting caught in that choke again. Kerry goes for a front face lock and body scissors. Bobby is struggling again trying to escape. Kerry puts the pressure on. At one point he slams Bobby to the mat real hard on his back. We thought Bobby might not get up, but he jumped to his feet and went right back after Kerry.

Super wrestling that ends in a draw between these two awesome wrestlers. Kerry is squeezed into submission and these two guys promise a rematch to a finish. We sure hope that happens.

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