Ryan Logan vs. Diesel Marino

Total Running Time: 20:30
File Size: 251.4MB

Ryan Logan                 5'9"              197 lbs         26yo
Diesel Marino              5'11"             222 lbs         24yo

These two massive bodybuilders have been wanting to wrestle each other for Movimus for over a year. Diesel (Blue speedos) is a former High School wrestler. Ryan (Red speedos) has much less experience, but is one powerful dude who is very tough and aggressive. Both of these guys came to NYC from Orlando where they live and work. We couldn't wait to get them on the mats.

Diesel starts out real tough. He is determined to use his superior size and experience to completely overpower and dominate Ryan. The first fall is short, tough, aggressive and impressive. Diesel gets a reverse head lock on the mat and the submission. Ryan takes a long break and comes back a much more determined man. The next two falls are like nothing we have seen before at Movimus. These huge bodybuilders work as hard as they can to defeat each other. You can see the experience of Diesel throughout the match with head scissors, and head locks, but Ryan is learning every minute. At one point, Ryan gets Diesel in a head scissors that lasts for about a minute and Diesel is squirming to get free. His sheer will and determination is the only thing keeping him from taping. Diesel is bent on not losing to the older, smaller guy. Besides, they are good friends, and Diesel wants to go home the winner.

The incredible size of these two men is awesome. We wonder how they can take the holds they have one each other since they are so strong. What a great sight, these two magnificently huge bodies tearing away at each other. You've got to see this one.

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