Kerry Bond vs. Sal Piper

Total Running Time: 34:47
File Size: 422.7MB

Kerry Bond              5'7"        159 lbs            19yo.
Sal Piper                 6'            177 lbs            30yo

Kerry (blue speedos) challenged the bigger, tougher, and more experienced Sal (black speedos). Kerry has been practicing his moves and holds on his friends. He wanted the match with Sal ever since Sal interfered with his first match against Tino Bravado. Kerry is working out harder, with heavy weights and asking much more experienced wrestlers to show him moves and holds. He is really into a brawl with Sal, and he intends to win.

There are many submissions in this match and very even between them. You can judge the winner for your self. Sal is a master at the front face lock and body scissors. He catches Kerry in that hold at least twice. Kerry has perfected the front face lock, arm bar and how to use his powerful body to stretch his opponent. His awesome legs are also a big problem for Sal. Sal submits in a matter of three seconds after Kerry tightens up on the head scissors. When Sal throws in a sneaky full nelson and body scissors, Kerry lasts for more than 8 minutes in a vicious struggle, but is eventually forced to tap out.

This is a really great match in the Chicago Rec Room. Kerry will be around Movimus for a real long time (we hope) taking on and destroying many of the Movimus Brawlers. He is young, tough and working hard on getting to be an unbeatable wrestler.

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