Demetrios Yano vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 19:22
File Size: 236.9MB

Max Anderson                5'11"          178 lbs.      20yo
Demetrios Yano              6'2"            208 lbs      22yo

Demetrios (blue speedos) is a big body-builder/model from PA. Recently graduated from College, Demetri wanted a good and workout match. When he saw a couple of Max's (orange speedos) matches, the challenge was set. Max has been working hard on perfecting his wrestling skills. He's managed to get a couple of tough workout partners that he can train with. He's been working on perfecting his upper body skills and his scissors.

Demetri is much lest skilled. He's only been fooling around with some friends in college. He has awesome strength and he told us that he was sure he could just throw around a 180 pounder. We've heard that before. The first five minutes is tough, intense and wild. Max keeps his cool, Demetri goes wildly after him. Of course, Demetri get tired pretty quickly and a tight body scissors from Max has him tapping.

Demetri takes a break and comes back with a whole different attitude. He's slower, more focused and cautious and tries to beat Max at his own style. Now Max has to work a lot harder. The next couple of falls are a lot more competitive. The exchange of holds and control is great to see between these two bodybuilders. Max gets so pumped that every muscle in his body is defined. Max has trouble with the big guy, especially when Demetri is on top in control. Demetri tries as many different moves and holds as he can think of and Max is squirming to keep from tapping. Great match to watch. You'll see a lot more of these two wrestlers.

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