Enrique Tallos vs. Anthony Tremino

Total Running Time: 19:27
File Size: 164.5MB

Enrique Tallos 5'5" 122 18yo
Anthony Tremino 5'6" 160 19yo

DEFINITLEY ONE OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES ! Enrique (blue speedos) is one tough, little guy. Very, very aggressive, he's great to watch. Anthony (black bike shorts) is strong, in shape, and sure he is going to destroy this 122 pounder. Anthony is shocked (and tells us so during the match) at the aggressive nature , speed, and un-submitting attitude of Enrique. This little guy just won't quit. In fact, he is definitely out to win, to beat Anthony into submission as often as he can. Enrique is in great cardiovascular shape, he's much, much stronger than he looks, and the kid has obviously done his share of fighting on the streets of Chicago.

The muscular Anthony finds out early in the match that he has his hands full with this little guy. Anthony uses his very muscular legs to wrap up Enrique, but before Anthony can apply real pressure, Enrique is out and putting Anthony is a head lock of his own. Anthony tries to power out of many holds, but Enrique uses great balance and a lot of power to keep the bigger teen tied up. Even when Enrique is forced to submit, Anthony is amazed at how much power and pressure it took to get the submission ñ and he says it.

Enrique is a tough Chicago kid, but so is Anthony. We don't think this battle is over.

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