Kaa Nadian vs. Sal Piper

Total Running Time: 48:55
File Size: 414.4MB

Kaa Nadian 6'1" 198 24yo
Sal Piper 6' 172 29yo

Sal (black speedos) challenged Kaa after watching his last match. Sal likes wrestling much bigger guys and he watched Kaa wrestle at the CHICAGO REC ROOM a few times and told Movimus he wanted the match with Kaa.

So we got Kaa (blue speedos) to accept his challenge. The match took place in our CHICAGO REC ROOM. Sal was more than ready. Kaa starts by wrapping him in a tight head scissors, bringing Sal to the mat and throwing in a strong body scissors. Sal wrestles out of the hold , just to get caught in more of Kaa's strong moves. Kaa takes total control. At one point he gets Sal in a boston crap that has Sal screaming and begging to be let go.

The cocky Sal tells the camera that Kaa is spent, tired, and is going to lose. He then proceeds to defeat Kaa in his only win. More luck than skill and power, but you judge that for yourself.

If you like to see bodybuilders get taken apart by real, submission wrestlers, then this is definitely the match for you. Kaa uses all his skill and size to destroy this well built, strong, cocky athlete.

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