Sal Piper vs. Lenny Forest

Total Running Time: 27:39
File Size: 391.2MB

Sal Piper                       6'               176 lbs              29yo
Lenny Forrest               6'               171 lbs              23yo

Lenny (black bike shorts) came to the CHICAGO REC ROOM from Indiana just to challenge Sal (blue speedos). Lenny is an accomplished submission wrestler. He was recommended to Movimus by Ty Richardson who wrestled Lenny on one of his trips from Australia. Lenny saw the muscular Sal at the CHICAGO REC ROOM and offered the challenge.

Sal is a well muscled body builder from Chicago. He's often wrestled around with many of his much bigger friends and beat them. When he first met us ,he was cocky, talked tough, and had tremendous confidence in his wrestling ability. "I can beat anyone under 200 lbs", he told us.

Sal is ready for this one. He's been practicing and perfecting his submission holds. He's all over Lenny in the first match with scissors, headlocks, arm bars and ultimately gets a submission with a great choke hold and body scissors. Lenny is not happy about losing him first Movimus match and is totally out for vengeance from that point on. This match just keeps getting better as both these wrestlers fight as evenly as any wrestling match can be.

There are at least three other submissions and there is a definite winner. All possible submission moves are used from the choke submission to sleeper holds. This slow paced match shows each of these great bodies taking and giving the long held holds. Both wrestle using power more than skill, always trying to get a tap out. There ís no mercy here. Any mistake will result in a submission. These wrestlers are not friends and the re-match is already planned.

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