Lance Jeffers vs. Marlon Clemons

Total Running Time: 24:48
File Size: 350.3MB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 162 35yo
Marlon Clemons 6'1" 179 19yo

Lance (red & black speedos) came to NYC to wrestle just after the Hillside wrestling weekend in PA. He was bragging that he had more that fifty matches in four days at Hillside. Marlon (black speedos) is bigger, stronger and a trained wrestler. Both these wrestlers have reputations among the Movimus Wrestlers of being winners, tough, and knowing much more than the basics in submission wrestling. We thought Lance might be overmatches against Marlon, but Lance was ready, eager and psyched to take on the bigger teen.

The match was in the Movimus Rec Room, but these guys needed a lot more space. Marlon was helpless when Lance was in the "guard" position. As Marlon tried to role Lance over to put on a finishing hold, Lance quite simply wrestled out of the big muscles on the teenager. When Lance tried the triangular choke, Marlon just powered those strong legs off his neck.

At one point, Marlon clamped a real tight front head scissors on Lance. We thought it was all over. But the feisty scrapper, Lance, held on took the pressure, and eventually broke the hold. Lance tried head locks, choke holds, front face locks, scissors, and anything else he could to get control over Marlon, but Marlon just powered out of each of those holds.

There is just one submission, at the very end of this match. Itís twenty-five minutes of continuous submission wrestling and itís a real "NO HOLDS BARRED" match. Both these great wrestlers left the mat with an increased respect for each other. Each has been telling the other Movimus Wrestlers about the assets and abilities of the other.

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