Kaa Nadian vs. Kendo Javitt

Total Running Time: 35:07
File Size: 497.4MB

Kaa Nadian 6'1" 198 24yo
Kendo Javitt 6' 185 18yo

Kendo (Blue speedos) saw Kaa ( Black Speedos) wrestle Bobby Bigelow on WANNA WRESTLE 19 and immediately challenged Kaa to a match. The match took place in our CHICAGO REC ROOM. He knew he was giving up 30 lbs., but figured that with his High School wrestling experience, it would even things out. But Kaa is not only bigger, he is also very strong and knows his wrestling. Kaa loves the choke hold, all choke holds, and he was prepared to use a good choke on the young wrestler if he needed too.

Kendo used all the skill he had and tried to get a quick submission on Kaa. He is faster and his speed helped a lot in avoiding the power of Kaa. Kendo has real strong, long legs and Kaa had a real hard time working around that kind of power. But Kaa relied on his skill and strength to over power the younger Kendo. The struggle is real intense. Neither wrestler wanted to let the other get the upper hand. They both knew that if they got caught in the right hold, they would be forced to submit.

This struggle continues to exhaustion. Kaa is really getting tried trying to keep up with the younger, faster Kendo, so he starts to rely on his power a lot more and gets some good control moves on Kendo. He uses the triangular choke with his arms and Kendo is spent.

But he is definitely ready to continue and not get caught in a choke again. This is more great submission wrestling from two young, tough, evenly matched wrestlers. Hopefully, you will see a lot more of both these wrestlers.

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