Bobby Bigelow vs. Liam O'Connor

Total Running Time: 24:10
File Size: 341MB

Bobby Bigelow 5'11" 174 19yo
Liam OíConner 5'9" 165 34yo

Liam (Black shorts) is a seasoned, experienced submission wrestler who is used to taking on muscular wrestlers much bigger than he is. That is why he thought his match with the relatively inexperience Bobby (blue speedos) was going to be a squash job. Liam is strong, much stronger than he looks, tough, a winner and can take a lot without submitting. Bobby is young, erratic, with limited submission experience. This is a hotel match in Chicago. There is limited space and each of the wrestlers is working to keep the other guy in the center of the mat so the submission can be clean.

Liam gets control quickly and goes for a full nelson only to find out that Bobby is quite capable of powering out of that. Each time Liam turns Bobby to the mat with a vicious cross face, Bobby just pushes Liam's arm away. After about three minutes, Liam knows he has more of a match than he reckoned.

Bobby tries a body scissors, but can't hold it. He tries a head scissors, same result. Liam continues to trap Bobbyís arms and Bobby continues to power out. There is just one totally incredible submission in this match and a definite winner. Youíve got to watch it to see who wins this struggle.

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