Marlon Clemons vs. Ty Richardson

Total Running Time: 21:57
File Size: 267.4MB

Marlon Clemons 6'1" 176 18yo
Ty Richardson 5'10" 168 31yo

Marlon (red speedos) has been working out real hard since graduating from HS last year, just in preparation of his Movimus matches. It is not at all like HS wrestling! says the eighteen year old. We decided to give Marlon a match with Ty (black speedos), figuring that the experienced submission wrestler, visiting NYC from Australia, (Ty) would give a bit of a lesson to the teenager.

Well, Marlon got his lesson all right, but it was by no means easy for Ty. Marlon is bigger and obviously stronger. He uses his weight well and he has excellent balance - a deadly combination in a submission match. Marlon immediately took Ty to the mat and kept him there. The only reason he did not get the submission in the first fall was his lack of experience in submission but he sure did have a lot of control - a great five minutes to watch. Ty eventually caught Marlon off guard, reversed the hold and threw in a front face lock and arm bar for the submission.

The other matches between these two wrestlers were just as intense. Twenty-five minutes of No Holds Barred Action between very evenly matched wrestlers. Leg locks, arm bars, scissors, head locks, cross-faces, elbows, it's all here. It's rare to get two guys so evenly matched that they wind up having a lot of respect for each other, regardless of who wins or loses. That is exactly what you have in this match.

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