Gage Michaels vs. Lance Jeffers

Total Running Time: 28:03
File Size: 340.7MB

Gage Michaels 5'11" 186 19yo
Lance Jeffers 5'8" 158 34y

A RING MATCH! Gage (blue shorts) challenged Lance (grey shorts). Gage thought he would be able to handle the smaller Lance, but everyone knows that Lance is a great wrestler and fighter. Gage used his weight advantage, powerful arms, and balance to stay on top of Lance and try every submission move he could. Lance countered every move and seemed to just be waiting for the bigger guy to make just one mistake. A couple of times Lance managed to get on top and try for a submission choke, but Gage just threw him off. Finally, Lance managed to get a triangular choke on Gage and it was all over. Gage was on his feet, but still couldn't break the tight leg choke.

The second fall went pretty much the same way, and Gage was just more angry (The boy has got a temper.) In the third fall, Gage really started whaling on Lance. Lance wrestled his best, tried many leg locks, arm bars, and various choke holds, but Gage wasn't falling for that again. It was a long third fall and Lance got the worst of it -- and it wasn't over.

The fourth match was awesome. Gage did plenty of choking of his own. Lance had a great arm bar, but Gage was just too stubborn to give up. The finishing hold in this last fall is great. The ring ropes turned out to be the tool used for the submission. Great wrestling. You'll love the last fall -- you'll love this whole match. It's awesome.

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