Jack Maltese vs. Mike Durden

Total Running Time: 22:20
File Size: 271.2MB

Jack Maltese 5'9" 147 21yo
Mike Durden 6' 156 18yo

A RING MATCH! Mike (blue shorts) just graduated HS in South Carolina and plans on going to Clemson University. He wrestled all four years in HS. Jack (light blue speedos), originally from New York City, now living in South Carolina, is a tough motor mechanic. These two guys never met before this match and both were out to impress us. Mike, with his collegiate skill, thought he was going to have an easy time handling Jack, who had little wrestling experience. But Jack is tough and won't quit, so we thought this was going to be a good match-up.

It sure was. Mike gets a quick jock hold, right across the Adam's apple, on Jack forcing a quick submission. Jack vows that won't happen again. The second fall last more than 10 min. Mike tries every move and hold he knows and Jack just uses his power. Mike has a real hard time holding on to Jack who seems to just power out of every hold. When Jack picks Mike off the mat and throws him down, Mike can't believe it.

Mike finally uses his long ,very strong legs to wrap Jack in a head scissors and tight chin lock. No way out for Jack and submission time!

There are two more falls. Jack is determined and Mike is frustrated and a combination that is great in the ring. Both these wrestlers went beyond the time limit and still weren't done. About an hour later, they went at it again in a nearby pool and unfortunately we didn't get that on tape.

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