Brandon Aldrich vs. Chuck Hollick

Total Running Time: 21:48
File Size: 265MB

Brandon Aldrich                  6'        187 lbs       23yo
Chuck Hollick                      6'2"     205 lbs       22yo

Very big, muscular, strong Chuck (black speedos) takes on the Movimus favorite, Brandon (green speedos). Brandon has been working out real hard for over a year, learning many different types of submission moves and holds and training in other forms of contact and especially ju-jitsu. We felt real good about Brandon handling himself against the much bigger bodybuilder, Chuck. In the first three minutes of the match, Brandon used his wrestling skills to take down and control the bodybuilder, throwing in an awesome arm lock and great leg lock to secure two early submissions.

The struggle then gets much more intense. Chuck doesn't think that he should be losing to the smaller, less muscular, Brandon. So he works much harder. Brandon struggles to keep the "big man" from clamping on a finishing hold such as the full chest scissors or even a tight head lock. At one point, Brandon catches Chuck in a great full nelson, both wrestlers on their feet and a great sight. Brandon also gets another submission with a real powerful bear hug that Chuck just doesn't know how to counter.

Watching the skilled Brandon defeat the muscular bodybuilder, to see the frustration on Chuck and hear it - to see Brandon struggle out of the big man's holds and reverse them to his own advantage, shows the great skill that Brandon has developed. Chuck asked Justin Roberts, (who was watching this match), for weekly workouts and to teach moves and submission holds. Justin will be working with Chuck. Do we hear a rematch in the near future?

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