Bobby Bigelow vs. Justin Roberts

Total Running Time: 20:32
File Size: 246.6MB

 Bobby Bigelow        6'          173 lbs            19yo

Justin Roberts          6'1"       177 lbs            19yo

A great match-up in the sand pit. Super wrestling match. Justin (green & black speedos) and Bobby (silver speedos) are evenly matched in every way. These two athletes were poised to wrestle hard and win. Bobby has great upper body strength and immediately used his power to throw Justin into the sand. Bobby stayed on top of Justin and countered every attempt Justin made to get the upper position. Justin was getting frustrated and that wasnât helping his wrestling at all. A reverse choke hold and body scissors got the first submission from Justin.

Immediately, these two great athletes stood up and went at it again. Once again it was all control by Bobby. Again, he threw in the choke hold and got another submission. Justin was not a "happy wrestler".

The third match is an awesome exchange of moves and holds. Neither of these guys would give the other even a little opening. You've got to see these moves  in the sand. You won't believe the dexterity and elasticity of these young wrestlers. This is really great wrestling.

Every once in a while, MOVIMUS  comes up with a totally outstanding match. This is absolutely one of them.

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