Axel vs. Lance Jeffers

Total Running Time: 21:39
File Size: SD 248.1MB/ HD 1.2GB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 158 33yo
Axel 6'1" 160 22yo

Axel (blue speedos) expected an easy match, once he met Lance (black speedos). We warned Axel that Lance is one of the best. We tried to tell Axel to be real careful against Lance knowing that Lance is almost unbeatable by guys near his own size.

The first fall was over in about 30 seconds. Axel clamped on a tight, vicious leg long and Lance tapped out immediately. But from that point on, Lance took over. The falls went much longer than 30 seconds and Lance used all his skill to keep the long, lanky, strong legs of Axel from getting him in any kind of hold. Lance had more determination and submission skill. Axel is very skilled in collegiate wrestling (wrestled for Indiana State U), but his collegiate skill wore thin again Lance's submission holds.

Once again Lance proved that he is the Movimus Wrestler to beat, but this is an incredible match to watch. Axel is much more powerful and a great wrestler, so he is often on top trying to work some "useless" collegiate move. Lance is power in his defensive skills and keeps Axel from ever getting another submission from him.

It's more fun to watch Axel get so pissed that he can't win. It's even more fun to see Axel use excuses when he loses. Axel hasn't lost many wrestling matches, but he sure is getting a lesson in Movimus Wrestling.

Wrestlers: Axel, Lance Jeffers, Origins

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