Lance Jeffers vs. Freddy Oliva

Total Running Time: 21:50
File Size: 249.9MB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 156 32yo
Freddy Oliva 5'7" 162 19yo

These two wrestlers are evenly matched in size and strength. Movimus carefully set this match up so that both guys were ready to go at it. Lance (purple speedos) is a bit intimidated by the younger football player (captain of his HS team), Freddy (blue speedos). Lance starts the match with a tight head lock and keeps it on for a long time. He wanted to show the younger guy that he was ready for him. He tried many combination holds, but Freddy countered all of them and eventually reversed the headlock. Both wrestlers tried to vain to use their strong legs. They are both good counter wrestlers, so they anticipated each others holds. That makes for great wrestling.

Lance took the first match and Freddy was not very happy about losing. The second match goes a long time with lots of great moves, counters and locks. Lance worked real hard just not to get caught in Freddy's powerful legs and Freddy did the same. Lance's skill was totally matched by Freddy's strength. These two hairy, muscular wrestlers finished by shaking hands and being friends, but there was not doubt who the better wrestler was.

Undoubtedly, you'll see a lot more of these two wrestlers, hopefully against each other.

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