Swage vs. Jeff O'Neill

Total Running Time: 12:48
File Size: 185.6MB

Swage                 5'9"         166 lbs             26yo
Jeff O'Neill           5'9"         157 lbs             35yo

Swage (black speedos) proves his wrestling ability in this match. The much more muscular Jeff (red speedos) thought he was going to have an easy time laying a beating on Swage. Jeff is a "gym dude" at least 5 days a week. Although he didnät have much wrestling experience, he had watched a few of Swage's matches and felt confident that he could handle the "kid". He was in for a surprise.

This is the closest thing to a "squash job" that Movimus has produced so far . Swage just uses his wrestling ability to keep the more muscular and stronger Jeff from getting in any hold that he couldn't get out of ù and it worked. Swage was able to wear down the muscle man and tire him out. Jeff wound up being totally frustrated. He just couldn't seem to get the upper hand on Swage and he didnät know how to take a good hold and work his way out of one.

So Swage uses his "villain" attitude to humiliate the muscle man ù and believe me, Swage loved every minute of it. Hopefully, you will see a lot more of Jeff. He asked us to start showing him some basis moves and counters. We haven't started that yet, but hopefully, we will begin training Jeff real soon.

Wrestlers: Jeff O'Neill, Origins, Swage

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